Azeite Olival / DCMJ
Azeite Olival



Azeite Olival,
pure and genuine,
is already distributed
across several countries,
thanks to the
confidence we
have earned.



After carefully taking care of our olive
trees during an entire year, they reward
us with healthy high quality olives,
so that at an ideal point of maturation
we can initiate the harvest done entirely
by mechanical means, without acting
directly on the fruit.

With extreme care and speed, the harvest is transported to the
press,where the cold extraction begins,
allowing us to gain a
pure and authentic olive oil,
which will be appreciated
by our clients.
We guarantee a professional and accurate
process of traceability of our golden liquid,
from our olive groves until our clients’ tables.

By respecting all traditional values,
we provide
our clients with a fresh extra virgin
olive oil, full of excellent sensory
qualities, supplying our consumers
with all the benefits of the olive oil.








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